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Deciding on an administrator is one of the most important decisions when launching a hedge fund. We had quite a lot of expectations from our administrator and decided to partner with Quintillion as they greatly impressed us with the way they dealt with our various requests. In the current volatile environment, being reactive to customer request is a must, being pro-active to customer needs is even better. The Quintillion team was often able to anticipate on our needs. We are fully satisfied with Quintillion and hope that this partnership will last a long time

Loic Fery, Managing Partner, Chenavari Credit Partners LLP

Conversion and Start up Services

We understand that selecting or moving service provider is an important decision for investment managers and investors. We have extensive experience in managing fund launches and conversions and are committed to managing the process efficiently, ensuring that the move to Quintillion is as seamless as possible.

Key Areas

  • Weekly pre-planning meetings, documentation and advice moving to daily meetings during the conversion period.
  • Experienced operations and technology team dedicated to the conversion / launch process and to ensuring agreed deliverables and deadlines are met.
  • Review of all operational documentation and processes in advance of the live / take on period to ensure all deliverables are fully understood and communicated to all parties.
  • Clear, competent and professional investor communication delivered by an experienced team who understand the importance of investor comfort and confidence in the conversion process.
  • Trade and prime broker integration and full testing and approval in advance of the live / take on period.
  • Testing and execution of automated data transfer and full reconciliation following data transfer for converting clients.
  • Clients who have chosen Quintillion to administer their fund or have taken the decision to change service provider are happy to act as references and will confirm the proactive approach adopted.