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Quintillion appointed by Global Strategic Advisers Ltd

Release Date: 30 July 2009

Quintillion fund administration is pleased to announce that it has been appointed by Global Strategic Advisers Ltd to provide administration services to its Investment Fund.

Global Strategic Advisers Ltd (GSA) is an FSA regulated investment management firm based in London, wholly owned and controlled by the firm’s founding directors and key staff. The company’s core business is managing accounts for institutions, funds and skilled high net-worth individuals to achieve consistent and substantial long-term growth.

Sebastiano Zampa, Chief Executive, Global Strategic Advisers Ltd

“When we decided to look for an administrator a number of key points were essential. These requirements were based on an independent administrator, with a proven track record, a high level of automated and efficient systems, flexible reporting solutions and an experienced accounting team. Quintillion’s ability to combine this high-end technology with an in-depth knowledge of global regulatory requirements made Quintillion an obvious choice. With the Global Funds industry currently undergoing drastic change in relation to risk management, due diligence and compliance, we believe that our partnership with Quintillion will put us at the forefront of any future regulatory requirements and enable us to easily comply with any future change in regulations.”

Donal Reen, Team Leader at Quintillion said “We are delighted to welcome Global Strategic Advisers Ltd. to our client base. We believe that Quintillion’s combination of in-house software combined with some of the best commercial investment management and accounting software on the market, will fulfil all of GSA’s investment and investor requirements for years to come.”

About Quintillion

Quintillion is an indigenous and independently operated fund administration company which was established in 2006. The majority ownership of the company is shared by the management and staff, with a 25% minority share owned by a US seed investor. Quintillion provides a complete suite of fund administration and back office support along with shareholder services to a wide variety of clients. Experienced accounting and investor services professionals, coupled with leading technologies which are deployed in an innovative manner, are at the core of its ability to deliver superior fund administration solutions to hedge funds and asset management firms. Our client base of hedge fund managers, institutions and corporations run a broad selection of investment strategies and fund structures that are serviced by client focused teams. Further information: www.quintillion.ie